Hi lovelies! I'm Britt, the brains & heart behind Murphy & Mae. 
  Let me give you a little background story..
On the 9 March 2020 our daughter, Maddie-Mae Murphy was born. Two weeks later we were called in to a Nationwide Lockdown. As a first time mom, this news was terrifying. (It was, of course, a blessing in disguise that I was yet to discover.)

In these times of uncertainty, I realised it was time to make my creative dream a reality. I realised I never wanted to work according to someone else's schedule unless it was my daughters. My brain went into total overdrive and the idea Murphy & Mae was born!
Through the months I found so many of the "cuter" outfits we had bought were impractical and a bit of a hassle to put her in. (Especially just to wear around the house.) My aim is to continue to create cute outfits that are hassle free for moms on-the-go but still keeping them absolutely stylish. 
I wanted to find a way to ensure a business with zero waste as well as a way to give back. Then, along came, THE MURPHY BEAR. 
The Murphy Bear is our opportunity for YOU to give back! He is made from offcuts of our beautiful fabrics, no two will be the same! Add a Murphy to your order and another Murphy will be donated to a chosen charity.
Thank you for supporting our dream, we cannot wait to see our brand grow!
Love, Britt & Maddie-Mae